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Why is Doggy Do Good different?Updated 6 months ago

Doggy Do Good stands out in the pet supply realm for its distinctive commitment to a triple bottom line: people, pets, and the planet. Unlike your typical pet store, Doggy Do Good is more than just a shop—it's a heartfelt venture fueled by the founders' personal journey of rescuing Olive and the "foster-failure" Annie. Recognizing that rescuing alone wasn't enough, the founders envisioned a larger-scale impact by giving back to animal rescues and no-kill shelters. Every purchase from Doggy Do Good isn't just a transaction; it's a purposeful contribution to organizations that support furry companions like Olive and Annie.

What sets 
Doggy Do Good apart is not only its heartwarming mission but also its tangible efforts to make a positive environmental impact. The durable, vegetable-based premium pet waste bags aren't merely a solution for puppy potty breaks; they're a green choice for conscientious pet owners. These bags, when composted in a properly managed home compost, break down within 6-12 months, emphasizing Doggy Do Good's commitment to a planet-friendly approach.

In essence, 
Doggy Do Good goes beyond being a pet supply company—it's a beacon of purpose in the pet industry. When you choose Doggy Do Good, you're not just shopping; you're aligning with a brand that values the well-being of people, pets, and the planet, making a meaningful difference with every purchase.

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