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What is Doggy Do Good?Updated 3 months ago

Barking up the right tree since 2015 in Royal Oak, Michigan, Doggy Do Good isn't your run-of-the-mill pet supply company—it's a tail-wagging adventure fueled by a genuine love for our furry friends. Our mission isn't just about crafting top-notch pet products; it's a quest to spread pawsitivity by giving back to animal rescues and no-kill shelters on a grand scale. Every purchase from Doggy Do Good isn't just a treat for your pet—it's a treat for pets in need, creating a paw-some connection between pet owners and the well-being of animals who could use a helping paw.

Our flagship product? Drumroll, please! It's our sturdy, veggie-powered premium pet waste bags. These aren't just your average poop bags; they're the eco-warriors of the canine world. Perfect for those "oh-no-I-gotta-go" moments, these bags aren't just practical—they're a green dream. Pop them in your home compost, and voila! They break down within 6-12 months, making them the ultimate sustainable choice for pet parents who want to leave a green paw print.

Doggy Do Good, we wear our pet passion on our sleeves, and our core values are as solid as a well-chewed bone. We're not just a pet supply company; we're the cool cats (and dogs) making a difference for people, pets, and the planet. So, when you shop with us, it's not just a transaction—it's a high-furshion statement. You're not just pampering your pet; you're making a purposeful choice that says, "Hey world, let's make it better for our furry pals and their two-legged sidekicks!" 🐾✨

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