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How did Doggy Do Good start?Updated 3 months ago

Doggy Do Good had its humble beginnings in 2015 when its founders, driven by a deep love for animals, embarked on a journey inspired by the rescue stories of their own pets. The story begins with the adoption of Olive, a pup in need, and Annie, a "foster-failure" who found her forever home. However, the founders soon realized that simply rescuing pets wasn't enough for them. The desire to make a more significant impact on a broader scale led to the establishment of Doggy Do Good in Royal Oak, Michigan. The company's inception was rooted in the founders' vision to give back to animal rescues and no-kill shelters, turning their love for their own pets into a mission to improve the lives of countless other animals. From this initial idea, Doggy Do Good was brought to life, evolving into a pet supply company with a purpose that extends beyond commerce to make a positive difference in the world of animal welfare.

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